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TY Washington is a 30+ veteran in the fashion & design industry. She owns her own studio where she does alterations & custom work such as flipping clothes from one design to another. She also teaches the art of sewing from novice to professional level in the industry. She's a wife, mother, and a sister to many. She is a best selling author who loves sharing her craft with others. She mentors and stays involved in women support groups that advocates for great causes. She is also a motivational speaker who travels to share her personal testimony. TY is one who can creatively take a subject and build a helpful and encouraging story that can either bring tears of joy or provoke you to take action. From sewing fabrics to sowing in the lives of others through her writings, TY is one watch for the reaping!

Meet TY Washington:

Transformational Speaker,
Educator & Entrepreneur
Creating Real Connections in Life & Love

TY Washington is a prolific author, with her favourite quotes stated below:

“It’s not the guy who gets knocked down that loses the fight… it’s the guy who doesn’t get back up. No one can make you a loser without your permission. If life knocks you down seven times, make up your mind to get up eight and you have to win.”

– TY Washington

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  • The NBC interview features a seamstress from Desoto who is making a significant impact during the pandemic by sewing and donating face masks. Her story showcases a commendable commitment to community well-being and highlights the positive influence of individual acts of kindness. The article emphasizes the importance of community resilience and the role played by individuals in fostering unity and safety.

  • Ty Washington is a dedicated advocate, focusing on helping individuals from challenging backgrounds, particularly domestic violence victims and ex-offenders. Guided by her personal experiences, patience, and prayer, Ty forges meaningful relationships with women in distress. Believing in second chances, she actively volunteers in the Dallas region, contributing her time to organizations like the Genesis Women’s Shelter and the Celebrate Recovery Program at Hilltop Trusty Prison. Ty is also a trained volunteer at Discipleship Unlimited Ministries, where she plays a crucial role in facilitating the re-entry of ex-offenders into society. Her commitment reflects a strong desire to positively impact the lives of those facing adversity.

  • Ty Washington's tumultuous life, marked by abuse and a quest for love, took a dark turn when she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a fatal shooting. Raised in a troubled environment, she faced abusive relationships and a tumultuous marriage. However, a pivotal moment in prison led Ty to cry out to God, resulting in a profound spiritual transformation. Embracing faith, seeking forgiveness, and learning self-love, Ty was released on parole after four years. She rebuilt her life, started a successful business ('Flipped Kouture'), and became a mentor for incarcerated women. Ty's story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith, forgiveness, and resilience, offering hope to those facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

What We Offer

Unisex - Solid Color


Introducing Blankho: Elevate Your Style with Purpose!

Seamlessly transitioning from a cozy blanket to a chic poncho, Blankho is the brainchild of master seamstress Tina Y. Washington. Crafted with over 30 years of expertise, Blankho goes beyond fashion – it's a mission. With a "Buy One, Give One" model, every Blankho purchased contributes to warmth, style, and positive change in the lives of those re-entering society.

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