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Welcome to TY Washington Group CDC, where innovation, compassion, and style converge. Founded by Tina Y. Washington, a master seamstress with over three decades of expertise, our mission goes beyond creating garments. We believe in fashion with a purpose, and our flagship product, Blankho, reflects this commitment.

Inspired by Tina's volunteer work in prison ministry, Blankho is more than a versatile outerwear accessory; it's a movement. Our "Buy One, Give One" model is a testament to our dedication to community support. With Blankho, every purchase contributes to empowering individuals re-entering society, creating a positive impact on lives.

Join us in this transformative journey where fashion becomes a catalyst for change. TY Washington Group CDC is not just about garments; it's about making a difference. Explore Blankho and be part of a community that values style, compassion, and conscious consumerism.


Mission Statement: "At TY Washington Group CDC, our mission is to seamlessly blend fashion and purpose. Through innovative designs, like Blankho, we aim to provide individuals with versatile, stylish outerwear while fostering positive change. Our commitment extends beyond garments, empowering communities and making a lasting impact on those in need."


Vision Statement: "Our vision is to redefine the fashion industry by setting new standards of social responsibility. TY Washington Group CDC envisions a world where every purchase carries a purpose, where style meets compassion. With Blankho leading the way, we aspire to inspire a global community dedicated to conscious consumerism, warmth, and positive transformation."

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